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OKADY - Bifid Yeast Skin Care Set

OKADY - Bifid Yeast Skin Care Set

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About the Product
Which skin type is it good for?

What it is
- Come with face wash, Face toner, eye cream, face lotion, face serum, and face cream, provide completely skin care.

Solutions for:
- Soothe and calm
- Skin dehydration

If you want to know more…
- Skin care products with lightweight texture, help to maintain skin water and oil balance, effectively improving the skin quality within 2 weeks.
- Skin care complete set can moisturizing skin, provide gentle skin care, help to improve dry skin, make skin full of water from the inside to out.
- Moisturizing skin care set helps to strengthen cuticle repair, wake up skin elasticity, effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use:
- Bifida Yeast Cleanser
- Bifida Yeast Toner
- Bifida Yeast Lotion
- Bifida Yeast Serum
- Bifida Yeast Moisturizer
- Bifida Yeast Eye Cream

What else you need to know:
- Some people are allergic to bifida yeast, which is easy to cause anaphylactic reaction after use. Please test before use

Size/Package include:
Bifida Yeast Cleanser 100g e 3.3 Oz
Bifida Yeast Toner 120ml e 4.0 Oz
Bifida Yeast Lotion 100ml e 3.3 Oz
Bifida Yeast Serum 40ml e 1.3 Oz
Bifida Yeast Moisturizer 50g e 1.6 Oz
Bifida Yeast Eye Cream 15g e 1.6 Oz
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