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Aesthtany - Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream

Aesthtany - Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream

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About The Product
Which Skin Type Is It Good For?

What It Is
- This Face Cream Is Filled With Necessary Vitamins Including Vitamins c As Well As Antioxidants

Solutions For:
- Moisturing
- Pigmentation repair

If You Want To Know More…
- Vitamin c Enhances The Skin's Natural Production Of Collagen And Helps To Support Healthy Skin.
- Helps To Brighten Dull Skin, Giving It a Radiant And Refreshed Appearance.

How To Use:
- Our cream is designed for effortless application and quick absorption. Simply apply a small amount to cleansed face and neck.

What Else You Need To Know:
- Vitamin C Also Provides Antioxidant Protection, Combating The Effects Of Environmental Stressors.

- All natural, non-polluting plant extracts, not tested on animals, no petrochemicals, sulfates, glycols, silica gel or polyethylene glycol.

Size/Package Include:
- 30g e 1.05 Oz

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