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OKADY - Peachy Delight: The Soft and Sumptuous Wrap of Peach Gum Mask

OKADY - Peachy Delight: The Soft and Sumptuous Wrap of Peach Gum Mask

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About The Product
Which Skin Type Is It Good For?

What It Is
- Build a Strong Layer Of Eye Skin.

Solutions For:
- Adsorption Of Oil Dirt, Blackheads, Acne
- Balance Skin Moisture Layer
- Strengthen The Skin And Moisten The Skin

If You Want To Know More…
- Soft Film Powder Trilogy, Set Clean Skin, Moisturizing Skin Care In One, Multi-Effect Skin Care
- Soft Film Texture, Close To The Face, Delicate Skin.
- Extract a Variety Of Plant Essence, Moisturizing, Nourishing Fine And Fine Skin.
- Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free And Gluten-Free

How To Use:
- Twice a Week

What Else You Need To Know:
- Stick To Long-Term Use.

Main Ingredients:
- Peach Gum: Thick Gum, Rich In Carotene, Vitamin b1, Protein Fiber, Effective Oxygen Inhibition, Tight Outline Along The Lines, Strong Muscle Surface, Make The Skin Soft And Bright, Bright Red Luster.
- Centella: Fine Pores, Calm, Double Water Lock, Reduce The Season Easy To Dry And Red State
- Panthenol (Provitamin b5) : Add Skin Surface Screen Moisture, Smooth And Moisturize Tender Skin
- Corn Starch: Light And Smooth Brightening Skin, Natural Silty Adsorbing Oil
- Diatomaceous Earth: Clean Old Waste Keratin, Absorb Blackhead Acne

Invention patent ingredients:
- LinLanrunlu
- Patent number: 201410037363.2
- Advantages: Deep penetration of the bottom area of the muscle filling and replenishing, small particle structure is easy to absorb
- Patent corresponding ingredients: water, glycerin, trehalose, Jinhairpin oblique stem extract. Leaf extract, 1, 2-pentanediol, radix sophora flavescens root extract, fruit extract of Ningxiagicum. Echinacea extract, xanthan gum

Size/Package Include:
- Opie Peach Gel Soft Film Powder 25g*5
- Opie Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Soft Membrane Liquid 35ml*5
- Opie Peach Gel Rejuvenating Liquid 5ml*5
- Opie Complex Acid Cleansing Blackhead Nose Mask 3g*5
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