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LERFM - Moisturizing And Whitening Freeze-Dried Essence

LERFM - Moisturizing And Whitening Freeze-Dried Essence

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About The Product
Which Skin Type Is It Good For?

What It Is
- Freeze-Dried Serum Is More Efficient And Provides Deeper Nutrients To The Skin

Solutions For:
- Moisturize
- Lighten Facial Skin Lines

If You Want To Know More…
- Freeze-Dried Serums Are More Stable Than Normal Serums, Last a Long Time, And Are Not Affected By Environmental Fluctuations, Which Is One Reason Why They Tend To Be More Expensive.
- Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free And Gluten-Free

How To Use:
- Use Morning And Evening As a Daily Skincare Routine.

What Else You Need To Know:
- Stick To Long-Term Use.

Main Ingredients:
- Double l-Vitamin c: Double-Sided Combined Oxygen Control, Cleaning Oxidation Light Old Factors
- Photonicotinamide: Beauty Brightening Particle, Deep Source White Brightening
- White Alpha-Arbutin: Reduces Substantia Nigra Deposition And Lights Up Young Luminous Muscles
- Panthenol: Full Toughness To Rough, Bulky Soft Elastic Slippery
- Yeast Beta-Glucan: Balancing The Skin Microenvironment
- Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: Clear Lines And Elastic Skin
- Fullerene+Oligopeptide-1: Clear Oxygen, Clear Group, Delay Aging

Size/Package Include:
- Vitamin c Flash Release Freeze-Dried Essence Tablet 20mg*10 Tablets
- Full Of Water And Light Serum 30ml
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