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LERFM - Anti Aging Program Kit

LERFM - Anti Aging Program Kit

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About The Product
Which Skin Type Is It Good For?

What It Is
- Build a Strong Layer Of Skin

Solutions For:
- Moisturing
- Enhance Skin Barrier
- Brightening
- Fine Lines & Wrinkles

If You Want To Know More…
- Intensive nourishment, elastic and bright, firm and anti-wrinkles,anti-agingand anti-oxidation

How To Use:
- Use Morning And Evening As a Daily Skincare Routine.

What Else You Need To Know:
- Stick To Long-Term Use.

Core Ingredient:
- PRO-XYLANE:Improve skin collagen synthesis,Increase skin elasticity,Fade fine lines plump skin
- ERGOTHIONEINE:Reduce pigmentationde position,Prevents skinaging caused by sunlight
- PUNICA GRANATUM FRUIT EXTRACT:Anti-oxidation and delicate skin
- GLYCYRRHIZA URALENSIS (LICORICE)ROOT EXTRACT:Stabilize skin condition,increases skin vitality

Size/Package Include:
- Cleanser 100g
- Toner 110ml
- Freeze-Dried Powder 50mg*3
- Solvent 3ml*3
- Serum 40ml
- Eye Cream 15g
- Lotion 100ml
- Collagen Cream 50g
- Lady Cream 10g

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