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AIN.SDD - Chamomile Hand Cream

AIN.SDD - Chamomile Hand Cream

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About The Product
Which Skin Type Is It Good For?

What It Is
- Build a Strong Layer Of Hand Skin.

Solutions For:
- Moisturize
- Bright Skin Tone

If You Want To Know More…
- Softens Skin And Improves Skin Complexion Ability
- Lock In Freshness And Moisturize
- Reduce Water Evaporation
- Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free And Gluten-Free

How To Use:
- Step1
Clean The Hands
Before Applying The
Hand Cream
- Step2
Evenly Massage
To Hand Skin
- Step3
Gently Massage
Until Fully Absorbed

What Else You Need To Know:
- Apply It Whenever Your Hands Feel Dry

Main Ingredients:
- Chamomile - The Hydration Effect Is Significant, The Skin Has a Better Soothing Repair Effect, But Also Can Reduce Redness And Adjust The Uneven Skin Tone;
- Vaseline - Relieve Dry Skin And Various Skin Problems Caused By Dry Skin, Keep The Skin's Own Repair Ability Is Relatively High, Not Easy To Leave Scars
- Nicotinamide - Whitening Skin, Even Skin Tone, With Anti-Aging Anti-Aging Effect, Thereby Reducing Hand Lines, Brightening Hand Skin
- Glycerin - Lock Moisture, Moisturize And Soften Cuticle, Delicate Skin

Size/Package Include:
- 30g

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