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Aesthtany - Pore clarifying toner

Aesthtany - Pore clarifying toner

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About the Product
Which skin type is it good for?
- Normal

What it is
-Our Pore Control Complex targets pore concerns with a blend of ingredients that help improve the look of balanced, clear skin.

Solutions for:
- Soft and moist
- Clear pores
- Smooth and tight

If you want to know more…
-Contains complex acid, stable brightening arbutin, China invention patent Linlan moisturizing lotion and other brightening and moisturizing essence, makes skin shine and bright, tender and delicate, and brightening skin and tender and smooth skin.
-The texture of the skin-friendly water feels light, the upper face is fresh and oil-controlled, does not feel sticky and dull skin, easy to be absorbed by the skin, and there is no need to worry about becoming a "big oil field" when used in summer. A variety of extract ingredients are moisturizing and bright, effectively hydrating and locking water.
-Local wet compress soothes and calms, stabilizes the discomfort after changing seasons and sun

How to use:
-After cleansing in the AM and PM, dispense into your palms and gently press into your face and neck until fully absorbed.

What else you need to know:
-Follow with sunscreen during the day.

Main Ingredient:
-Compound acid - (refers to lactose acid, azelaic acid, malic acid) three synergies, can effectively close pores, peel off old waste keratin, reduce acne, acne marks, soften the delicate and coarse keratin pores, reduce oil control balance water and oil, skin transparent and delicate, and smooth the skin bottom to show the sense of water;
-Arbutin - Release double effect brightening power, which starts from the rare and brightening ingredient of arbutin leaf, can effectively penetrate into the bottom of the skin, reduce the formation of dull skin, make skin bright and clear, improve skin dull state, and clear and brightening skin;
-North American witch hazel water - has a good soothing and repairing effect, effectively soothing and moisturizing, regulating oil secretion, astringent pores, and stabilizing the overall skin condition

Patented ingredients:

Size/Package include:
400ml e 13.5 Oz
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