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Aesthtany - Jasmine Snow Moisturizing Toner+Lotion

Aesthtany - Jasmine Snow Moisturizing Toner+Lotion

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About the Product
Which skin type is it good for?
- Normal

What it is:
Moisturizing, water locking, brightening, elastic, delicate skin glow

Solutions for:
- Moisturizing
- Delicate skin
- Shine and shine

If you want to know more…
The professional skin care brand jointly developed by the UK and China, together with the UK's top biochemistry and dermatology experts, the use of modern bioactive technology + natural plants to extract more high-quality active ingredients, the production of products are really efficient and safe!
Add high hydrating Jasmine flower water, deep and clear into the muscle layer, moisturize the thirsty cells of the skin, the skin after drinking water bang moist and tender;
Patented moisturizing ingredients + imported brightening ingredients, three-dimensional moisturizing, three-dimensional moisturizing, the skin is fully bang bounce bright;
Water and milk streamline skin care, help do basic skin care, open the absorption channel, more conducive to the absorption of subsequent essence and cream!

How to use:
Shake well before use.Closely spray over the scalp evenly.
Gently massage the scalp with fingertips to aid absorption.

What else you need to know:
Can be used morning and evening

Main Ingredient:
Jasmine flower water - eliminates superoxide free radicals, can resist oxidation, has anti-aging effect; At the same time, it has a strong permeability to help other nutrients be absorbed by the skin; Can also assist whitening;
Niacinamide - prevents the transfer of melanin to keratinocytes, has a whitening effect, and can repair the cuticle, strengthen the skin's own defense ability, and has a certain effect of water locking;
Chitosan - is a highly effective moisturizing ingredient and also has antioxidant effects.

Patented Ingredients::

Size/Package include:
Toner: 120ml e 4.05 Oz
Cream: 100ml e 3.38 Oz
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